RULES AND REGULATIONS – Effective November 1, 2006

1. The rent is due on the first (1st) of each month. Rent is late after the 10th. There is a $15.00 late charge if it is not received in our P.O. Box 99183 Raleigh, 27624 by the 10th. We are not responsible for any rent placed elsewhere unless it is mailed to the above PO Box. WE MUST have a NAME and lot number on each check or money order or it will be counted as late and a $15 late fee will be charged.

2. All manufactured homes will have thirty (30) days to underpin their homes. If we notify you about painting your roof, home, or pressure washing your home, you have forty-five (45) days from the date we notified you to complete this task or we will charge an extra fee of $50 per month. WE need to keep all homes looking nice.

3. We require all water pipes under the house or RV to be wrapped with insulation and heating tapes. You will be responsible for all leaks under your home and RV. If there are any clogs from your home and RV to the septic tank and it is caused by items which are not to be put in the toilets, or if you have a running toilet, you will be charged the going rate for pumping out the septic tanks or fixing the clogs in the septic lines. Only toilet paper is to be used in the toilets. FEES: $50.00 for running spigot or running toilets. Any septic lines clogged by materials you placed in the toilets other than toilet paper will be an additional $150.00 charge.

4. All motor vehicles are to be licensed or removed. All cars and motorcycles are to have proper mufflers on them. No three-wheelers, ATVs or mini-bikes are allowed in the park.

5. WE must know if anyone is to move in with you due to the demands on the septic systems. This includes all children, parents, in-laws. There may be a charge for extra people.

6. There will not be any wild parties, and please keep your music down in order to respect your next door neighbor.

7. Please help to maintain your water supply. Due to the demand on the water system, you may not wash your car in the 70 East Community. You must take your car to a commercial car wash or to someplace other than 70 East.

8. No swimming pools are allowed except “kiddie pools” (1 piece plastic pool – no larger than 4 ft. in diameter and no more than 12 ft. deep).

9. Keep all cars and trucks on the DRIVEWAYS and not in the yards or ditches. It causes ruts in the ditches and water not to flow in the ditch. We will charge $20.00 for vehicles not on the driveways. You will also be charged for any damage to the driveways from cars leaking with oil or gas.

10. Place all garbage in plastic bags and then put them in the trash cans. If the garbage is not in plastic bags, then we will charge $25.00 to dump the trash can. Do not leave any garbage at the back door.

11. Do not place any materials in the dumpsters except garbage. You must take all other materials to the county dump located on Battle Ridge Road. You will be subject to eviction if you put anything other than garbage in the dumpster.

12. There are underground wires, water and septic lines all over the park. Do not drive, dig, trench at any place unless you contact the management first. You will be responsible for any damage that you cause. Damage can be from $100 to $500 to repair. You may not do your own service or repair on outside plumbing, electric poles or septic tanks. Any plumbing, electric or other contracting work may only be done by licensed personnel.

13. If you decide to move, you must contact us and give us at least 30 days advance notice. If you want to sell your home and leave it in 70 East, we must approve the condition of your home and the new occupants before they move in (just as we must approve any new resident in the community). If we do not approve the condition of the home, then it cannot remain in 70 East and you must move the home.

14. No carports, decks, porches or garages may be constructed without the prior, written approval of management.

15. All pets must be approved by management. There will be a $5 per month pet fee. No pets will be allowed if they weigh more than 50 lbs. All pets must be kept on a leash when outside the home.

16. Any violation of these rules and regulations will subject you to eviction and your lease may be terminated.

17. Parties to call for setting up. CP&L: 504-5400. Town of Garner: 772-4688. Bell South: 780-2355. America Gas: 779-7066. Police or fire: 911. Cable: 772-2553. Address of 70 East Mobile acres is: 2107 Highway 70 East.